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Trove Meeting, November 2 2016

We have weekly team meetings on Wednesdays at 18:00 UTC in #openstack-meeting-alt

Want to add an agenda item? Please append your item to the agenda below.

Action items from last week's meeting

Topics for Discussion

For example [myname] what I want to talk about

  • [amrith] Abandon old reviews
    • As we discussed at the work session, one of the things I want to do is abandon a number of old reviews that have not seen any action in weeks. If you would like any of these to be retained, please either be at the meeting, or update the agenda below. We will likely NOT go through each one at the meeting so updating the review will not suffice.
      • 356270 trove-integration should use zuul user
      • 367626 Handle Keystone V3 in module-list
      • 373670 Updated the path of config files
      • 353906 remove tenant_id from the injected guest_info file
      • 347398 Reduce code duplication
      • 370971 make trove-dashboard use upper-constraints
      • 373236 Fix py34 jenkins gate errors
      • 364608 Show flavor name instead of ID in show_instance
      • 365412 Fix is_root_enabled to return True/False
      • 369124 [install-guide]add Nova inject_partition configuration
      • 356701 Create net/subnet for alt_demo tenant
      • 303671 Make timeouts datastore specific
      • 362416 [WIP] Cluster Upgrade for PXC
      • 358693 Trove user page doesn't show allowed hosts AND databases
      • 322826 Convert DIB elements from Fedora to CentOS7
      • 288297 fix delete backup tenant_id error
      • 315619 Superconductor Spec
      • 348743 Add support for module ordering on apply
      • 323590 Add support for Cassandra 2.2 and 3.x
      • 337914 Improve list-of-ports validation
        • [trevormc]The reason this is old is because I was waiting on the oslo.config release. I still can not find the new type I added in the package. This change helps with validation and relieves technical debt since the cfg now returns a Range type instead of string we have to parse.

Open Discussion

Meeting Chat Logs

Running The Meeting

  • To start the meeting, use #startmeeting trove
  • Send a courtesy ping to attendees peterstac johnma slicknik dougshelley66 pmalik vgnbkr mvandijk trevormc aliadil spilla songjian trevormc apsarshaik
  • Use #agenda https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/TroveMeeting
  • Use #topic to mark each topic change.
  • Use #link to mark links.
  • You can find the near-full list of Meetbot commands here. Instructions for voting (which can be useful for a quick show of hands) live here.
  • During the meeting, don't forget to liberally use #info, #agreed, #action or #link to make sure the critical discussion points will be highlighted in the meeting log. Attendees can use these Meetbot keywords as well.
  • To end the meeting, use #endmeeting