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* Owner: markmcclain
* Owner: markmcclain
* Milestone: juno-2
* Milestone: juno-2
* Status: [https://review.openstack.org/#/c/96438/ Complete]
* Status: [https://review.openstack.org/#/c/96438/ '''Complete''']
=== Gap 1: Tempest Testing ===
=== Gap 1: Tempest Testing ===

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This is the action plan to address neutron and nova-network parity gaps identified here.

Gap 0: DB Migrations in Neutron

Currently in neutron the db migrations include code that checks for features enabled at the time of migrations. This can put deployers in a bind when they attempt to turn on a neutron feature in the future, because the database migrations needed have been skipped. Bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1307344 explains in more detail.

  • Owner: markmcclain
  • Milestone: juno-2
  • Status: Complete

Gap 1: Tempest Testing

The list of Tempest tests which close this gap are here. These are being worked now. We're very close with most of these, we expect these to all close during Juno. The team is also actively triaging any new issues. We also have a Summit session around spreading the load for triaging gate issues and involving more Neutron team members in this area. One other area we're actively working on is functional testing. This is being driven by marun, and we expect in Juno to expand Neutron functional testing quite a bit. We have a Summit session on this as well.

  • Owner: mlavalle
  • Milestone: continuous work, closure at juno-3
  • Status: As of Juno-2 all identified tests have merged.

Gap 2: Grenade Testing

Issues with current bugs being worked. Biggest issue right now: https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bug/1307344 We are actively working to solve the DB migration issues around service plugins which are the root of this issue.

  • Initially will include only Icehouse Neutron -> Juno Neutron. Later version will test Nova to Neutron path.
  • Owner: markmcclain
  • Milestone: juno-3

Gap 3: Neutron as the default in devstack

A patch exists for this now. Waiting on grenade being enabled to propose this patch to gerrit.

Gap 4: Missing API calls

This is being worked at the moment. Discussions have ensued on the bugs referenced at [1] around whether or not these APIs are needed. We will close on these in Juno.

  • Owner: markmcclain
  • Milestone: juno-1
  • Status: Complete

Gap 5: Neutron replacement for Nova multi-host

The DVR project will add the functionality to replace this. We are highlighting this work now. We have Summit sessions proposed for this as well to discuss with the broader team. Early DVR work will land in Juno-1.

  • Owner: carl_baldwin
  • Milestone: juno-1 ?
  • NOTE: need to discuss the fact that this requires OVS with Nova. I'm not sure that Nova will be willing to deprecate/remove nova-network in that case.

Gap 6: nova-net to neutron migration

This work is currently being scoped. A summit session around this has been approved.

  • Owner: obondarev
  • Milestone: juno-2

Gap 7: Document Open Source Options

Work is planned to begin for this soon. Scale testing and documentation is also under discussion now.

  • Owner: mestery
  • Milestone: juno-2

Additional actions

Design Summit Sessions Focused on Parity

The following sessions are all focused on the parity session and will be held in Atlanta:

  • nova-network parity: This will include a focus on the DVR work and on scale testing.
  • nova-network to neutron migration: A session solely focused on migrating from nova-network to neutron
  • neutron QA and testing: This session will cover Tempest and functional testing
  • neutron performance: This session will cover neutron performance issues
  • QA will have a grenade session where Neutron folks should show up (will try schedule outside of neutron slots)

Mid-Cycle Meetup

In addition to all of the above, we are also going to host a mid-cycle meeting focused solely on nova-network parity. This will likely be July 9-11 in Minnesota, and we hope to close as many gaps as possible during this time (in time for the juno-2 milestone)