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Technical Committee

The OpenStack Technical Committee is one of the governing bodies of the OpenStack project. It is an elected group that represents the contributors to the project, and has oversight on all technical matters.

The Technical Committee is formally defined in the OpenStack Foundation bylaws (in particular article 4.1(b) and Appendix 4) and further refined in the Technical Committee charter.


Name Election
Thierry Carrez (ttx) Directly-elected
John Dickinson (notmyname) Swift PTL
John Griffith (jgriffith) Cinder PTL
Joe Heck (heckj) Keystone PTL
Gabriel Hurley (gabrielhurley) Horizon PTL
Vish Ishaya (vishy) Nova PTL
Mark McLoughlin (markmc) OpenStack-Common PTL
Jay Pipes (jaypipes) Directly-elected
Brian Waldon (bcwaldon) Glance PTL
Dan Wendlandt (danwent) Quantum PTL
 ? Directly-elected
 ? Directly-elected
 ? Directly-elected