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* [[Governance/TechnicalCommittee/Glance_Gap_Coverage|Glance gap coverage plan]]
* [[Governance/TechnicalCommittee/Glance_Gap_Coverage|Glance gap coverage plan]]
* [[Governance/TechnicalCommittee/Heat_Gap_Coverage|Heat gap coverage plan]]
* [[Governance/TechnicalCommittee/Heat_Gap_Coverage|Heat gap coverage plan]]
==== Apologies for Absence ====
==== Apologies for Absence ====
* jeblair (proxy: mordred)
* tbd
=== Presenting a motion before the TC ===
=== Presenting a motion before the TC ===

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The OpenStack Technical Committee is one of the governing bodies of the OpenStack project. It is an elected group that represents the contributors to the project, and has oversight on all technical matters.

The Technical Committee is formally defined in the OpenStack Foundation bylaws (in particular article 4.1(b), article 4.13 and Appendix 4) and further refined in the Technical Committee charter.


Name End of term
James E. Blair (jeblair) April 2015
Russell Bryant (russellb) October 2015
Thierry Carrez (ttx) April 2015
Sean Dague (sdague) October 2015
Anne Gentle (annegentle) October 2015
John Griffith (jgriffith) October 2015
Doug Hellmann (dhellmann) October 2015
Vish Ishaya (vishy) April 2015
Mark McClain (markmcclain) April 2015
Jay Pipes (jaypipes) April 2015
Michael Still (mikal) April 2015
Monty Taylor (mordred) October 2015
Devananda van der Veen (devananda) April 2015


The openstack-tc mailing-list is used for communication within the Technical Committee. Posting is moderated for non-members.


Next meeting: October 21, 20:00 UTC


  • Welcome new Kilo TC members [1]
  • Election of the Kilo TC chair [2]
  • Cross-project workshops track scheduling [3]
  • TC-owned repositories
    • Add list of repositories owned by the TC [4]
    • Add a new openstack-specs repo under the control of the TC [5]
    • Adds a new api-wg repo under the control of the TC [6]
  • Other governance changes
    • Move config to system-config in the infra program [7]
    • Add heat-translator to the Heat program [8]
    • Remove support for vendor extensions from our code [9]
  • Stalled changes
    • Add a docs environment to the testing interface [10]
    • Naive script to verify extra-atc foundation status [11]
    • Script to automate adding extra-atcs [12]
  • Governance structure reform
  • Open discussion


These items have been proposed, but are not put on the agenda just yet. Could be that they have not been discussed on openstack-dev for the time mandated by our bylaws yet, or are blocked for some other reason, or are just delayed while we process the earlier requests backlog:

  • (none)

At every milestone we should review progress on the incubation/integration gap coverage plans:

Apologies for Absence

  • tbd

Presenting a motion before the TC

Motions need to be presented at least 4 business days before the next meeting scheduled time. They should be posted to openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org, then a pointer to that thread should be posted to openstack-tc@lists.openstack.org to make sure it gets the required attention from TC members. Upon verification, the TC Chair will put the motion on the agenda for the next meeting.

Note that before being voted on, motions must now be presented as a governance change.

Past meetings logs

Logs of past TC meetings can be accessed at: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/tc