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=== Next Meeting ===
=== Next Meeting ===
* Date: 6 February 2020
* Date: July 2nd, 2020
* Chair: ricolin
* Chair: Mohammed Naser
* Agenda to be published on the openstack-discuss mailing list before the meeting
* Agenda to be published on the OpenStack-discuss mailing list before the meeting
==== Agenda Suggestions ====
==== Agenda Suggestions ====
* Follow up on past action items
* Follow up on past action items
** Report on large scale sig (ttx)
* OpenStack Foundation OSU Intern Project (diablo_rojo)
*** review AP January: post a summary of large scale sig's meeting on the ML this week
* W cycle goal selection start
*** report to see if momentum is still there
* Completion of retirement cleanup (gmann)
** Report on tc/uc merge (ttx)
** https://etherpad.opendev.org/p/tc-retirement-cleanup
*** report on the investigations and discussions with UC
** report on the post for the analysis of the survey (jungleboyj)
*** review AP January on updating the patch
** Report on the convo Telemetry (ricolin)
*** where are we now?
** Report on multi-arch SIG (ricolin)
** report on infra liaison and static hosting (mnaser)
*** check if there is progress / follow up
** report on stable branch policy work (mnaser)
*** review AP january: mnaser to push an update to distill what happened on the ML in terms of stable branch policy
** report on the oslo metrics project (mnaser jroll)
*** has code appeared since last convo, any update from the spec from LINE, any update of the large scale SIG?
** report on the community goals for U and V, py2 drop (gmann)
** report on release naming (mugsie)
*** Victoria Announced (sorry forgot to say it at last meeting)
*** W progress?
** report on the ideas repo (evrardjp)
** charter change (evrardjp)
** ricolin: (in March 2020): Report on whether SIG guidelines worked.  
* addendums
==== Apologies for Absence ====
==== Apologies for Absence ====

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The OpenStack Technical Committee is one of the governing bodies of the OpenStack project. You can find more information about it, such as the list of its current members or its governance charter, on the OpenStack TC governance website at https://governance.openstack.org/tc/ .

In order to include as many people as possible in the discussion, the Technical Committee relies on asynchronous communications as much as possible. We propose and vote on changes through the openstack/governance repository. Large-impact changes are discussed on the openstack-discuss mailing-list. We track current initiatives on the Technical_Committee_Tracker.

We hold office hours at various times during the week on the #openstack-tc IRC channel. We meet formally on the first Thursday of each month in #openstack-tc at 1400 UTC.

Next Meeting

  • Date: July 2nd, 2020
  • Chair: Mohammed Naser
  • Agenda to be published on the OpenStack-discuss mailing list before the meeting

Agenda Suggestions

Apologies for Absence

Past meetings logs

Logs of past TC meetings can be accessed at: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/tc