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Meeting Time Every Wednesday at 21:00 UTC in #openstack-meeting
Meeting Logs http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/swift/2017/
Chair notmyname

Next meeting: March 22, 2017 2100 UTC

  • Follow-up from last week
  • Idea: call your patches
  • FYI stuff
  • Agnostic implementation for "object store" (a.k.a. diskfile) (alecuyer)
    • Patch: <url>
    • Goal: having an agnostic interface for DiskFileManager
      • eg: _get_hashes(self, partition_path, ...) => _get_hashes(self, device, policy, partition, ...)
    • Goal is not to have a "supported" interface that must be stable. Goal is just to ease the implementation of non-filesystem based diskfile
    • Naming idea: BaseObjectStoreManager -> provide an interface and very generic method
      • BaseDiskFileManager inherit from BaseObjectStoreManager
      • LOSF inherit from BaseObjectStoreManager
    • Convert non-agnostic method from BaseDiskFileManager to agnostic method in BaseObjectStoreManager by replacing listdir(path) by list(device, policy, partition=None, sfx=None, ohash=None), list() would be implementation-specific
  • Open Discussion

Notes left from earlier

  • Things happening in Swift
    • golang object server
    • global ec
    • composite rings
    • policy migration
    • policy auto tiering
    • sync to elasticsearch
    • container sharding
    • symlinks
    • increase part power
    • container sharding

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