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StoryBoard Weekly Meeting

StoryBoard holds public weekly meetings in IRC (see schedule for current time and channel). Everyone who is interested in development and use of StoryBoard is encouraged to attend.

Feel free to add items to the agenda with your IRC name in parentheses.

Agenda for next meeting

  • Announcements
    • Cyborg has migrated!
    • Forum Submissions Open through April 15
      • Again I will be proposing a release goal (this time for the Stein release) for the migration of projects to StoryBoard. Concerns last proposal was that there weren’t enough projects or large projects that had been migrated. Ironic has since migrated (along with at least a half a dozen other smaller projects) and TripleO is currently doing a phased migration of a few squads at a time. This discussion will be focused on gathering feedback from users and identifying main blockers stopping remaining projects from migrating. The focus will be come up with the last set of blockers and a plan to remove them so that the remainder of projects can migrate by the end of the Stein release.
  • Migration Updates (diablo_rojo)
  • In Progress Work
    • Gerrit posting on stories bug
  • Blocking Migration Tagged Stories
  • Open Discussion

Past meetings

All previous meetings can be found at: http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/storyboard/