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Weekly Python-OpenStackSDK Team Meeting

If you're interested in PythonOpenStackSDK, we will be holding public meetings weekly in on freenode in #openstack-meeting-3 at 19:00 UTC on Tuesdays. Please feel free to add items to the agenda below with your name and we'll cover them. The meeting will last 1 hour.

Agenda for 2015-06-16 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2015-06-02 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2015-05-12 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • get/list/find - what are we doing?
  • What else do we need to complete this week?

Agenda for 2015-04-28 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • get/list/find - what are we doing?

Agenda for 2015-04-21 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2015-03-31 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • #topic Functional Testing
  • #topic Removing httpretty
    • #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/164837/ -- remove httpretty from Transport tests
    • After that, the only usage should be in object_store tests, but those will change as the new APIs are applied so no need to replace them right now.
  • #topic Common API changes
    • Any "Common <action> method" reviews are ready to be reviewed
    • Update under way, working on some intermediate work to make sure the dirty list is properly handled from Resource.update_attrs

Agenda for 2015-03-17 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2015-03-10 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2015-03-01 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2015-02-24 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2015-02-16 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2015-02-10 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Auth plugins work!
  • Going to split up Cinder review into one change for all Resources, then one change for each resource's addition to the connection level, then docs
  • Resource.list consistency update
    • For non-pagined but listed resources, they can (mostly) use Resource.page as a drop-in-replacement
    • Those resources should probably override list and make themselves work with page so you can always list() and get back a generator of items

Agenda for 2015-02-03 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2015-01-27 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Update: holding off on CDN + Rackspace auth plugin for now (internal deadline moved so I'm pushing it back a bit)
  • Cinder v2 in progress (resource + high level) - going to the Cinder mid-cycle sprint to show them what's up
  • Resource.page - how to represent this in the higher level? Same with Resource.find
  • Auth plugin refactor (merged) - what's next for User Preference and the module loader?

Agenda for 2015-01-20 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Update on CDN
    • Resources "done", but can't test them without the Rackspace piece working (or until it works in devstack). Workflow-1 for now.
    • Rackspace "plugin" mostly done, but currently lives in-tree (next to v2 and v3 plugins). Looking at how to work with it outside of the repo as a true plugin.
  • Object Store proxy - any strong objection to merging and working on part 2? (easier setting of attributes/header values)
  • Other proxies - Ian's image one, any others moving forward - how to proceed?

Agenda for 2014-11-25 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Swift devs will likely be joining us to contribute soon
    • Brian's ``object_store`` proxy is basically "done" to get something out there working that we can mold, just needs tests.
    • Documentation is shaping up, waiting to hear back if there are any gaps that outsiders might need near term.
  • Regionless and versionless services

Agenda for 2014-11-18 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Implement iterator paging - https://review.openstack.org/134105 - one +2, need more views
  • entry_points to load services - https://review.openstack.org/131314 - summit discussion leaned towards no
  • prop attr access return None by default - https://review.openstack.org/134632 - one +2, need more views
  • high level views (swift and jenkins)
    • How do we want to move forward with these particular reviews?
    • Once those are in, how do we want to progress with them before expanding to provide the same high-level view across all other resources?
  • Unicode/bytes - do we need to take a stance on this at any level, or pass through whatever values we're given? e.g., when creating an object in object-store, does that name need to be one or the other? (I think we're just a pass-through, but want to be sure)

Agenda for 2014-08-12 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Discussion on more complex/nested resources
    • path_args stuff, needing to inject other information into some of the classmethods
    • No movement on pinging community for higher level, want to have more of this fleshed out for examples

Agenda for 2014-08-12 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Current state of Resources
    • Compute, Networking, and Telemetry seem to be coming along well
    • Object Storage
    • Are we going in a good and/or right direction in general?
    • Where to go from here?
      • Think about higher level before we go too far? (something that doesn't require you to pass sessions around all the time)
      • Think about the lower level before we go too far? (something that just gives back dicts, like Dean mentioned)

Agenda for 2014-08-05 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Neutron reviews
    • Some need type corrections (many bools, some ints, some list/dict) -- acceptable for them to go in as-is and follow up with a bug report to go back and correct?
  • Swift account/container review -- went back to Container.list lists containers, rather than previous attempt which had Container.list listing objects in a container
  • No movement on the so called lower level resource right now, will split out next
  • Resource automation - Terry has some script

Agenda for 2014-07-29 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • https://review.openstack.org/#/c/104948/ -- add some factories
    • Needs a comment added to authenticator.create to say the function should be removed since we'll never be able to keep up with plugins. Was agreed upon by Jamie, Terry, and Brian - otherwise is ready to go.
  • swift status -- stuck on a good way to get the container into the Object class, the first such resource that requires additional information. The first swift implementation was injecting the container name into the dictionary that was used to create Object, which had an unorthodox usage compared to other services.
  • Terry submitted a Summit talk proposal on the project
  • Lower level discussion that Dean has wanted to have

Agenda for 2014-07-22 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-07-08 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-07-01 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-06-24 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-06-17 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-06-10 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-05-27 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-05-20 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-05-06 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-04-29 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Open discussion? Anything on your minds?

Agenda for 2014-04-22 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Outline a plan to move forward, ideally with rough timelines. If we can pull it together, it would be nice to head into the OpenStack Summit with a minimum viable demo of the project.
    • Class design decision between the proposals
      • What is outstanding?
      • What do we need to do to reach consensus?
      • When can we build on top of the winner?
    • When can we implement the minimally needed Keystone bits to build out a service?
    • When can we implement the first service?
  • Discuss open reviews

Agenda for 2014-04-15 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-04-08 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call (many parties in transit to PyCon)
  • Discussion of base code for class design commit: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/85720/
    • Limit discussion to design approach, and not specific code concerns
    • There is one other proposed entry, but no code yet. Any others we should consider?
    • Timeline for selecting a design and moving forward with it
  • Discussion of any other in-progress reviews
  • Possible BoF at PyCon if enough people attending

Agenda for 2014-04-01 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-03-25 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-03-18 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-03-11 1900 UTC

Agenda for 2014-03-04 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Feedback on the wiki / current state (open discussion)
  • Discuss extension models for third-party vendors
  • API strawman status

Agenda for 2014-02-19 1900 UTC

  • Roll Call
  • Feedback on the wiki / current state (open discussion)
  • Current public API designs & interfaces
  • Internal HTTP client architecture
  • State of blueprints
  • PTL

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