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Weekly Nova Scheduler team meeting

MEETING TIME: Mondays 14:00 UTC (#openstack-meeting-alt)

This meeting is a weekly gathering of developers working on the Nova Scheduler subteam. We cover topics such as development focus, status, bugs, reviews, and other current topics worthy of real-time discussion.

NOTE: this wiki page should be 'emptied' at the end of each meeting.

Next meetings scheduled for:

Agenda for next meeting

  • Specs & Reviews
    • TBD
  • Open discussion
    • (jroll) I wrote down a rough plan for how we transition ironic flavors, and started thinking about how we move ironic "capabilities" from the ComputeCapabilitiesFilter to placement's traits. Would like quick feedback on the former before I write a spec this week, and will be iterating on the latter to be worked on in queens.
    • TBD

Previous meetings