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Weekly OpenStack Nova Cells v2 Meeting

This is a weekly meeting to discuss the Nova Cells v2 effort. It's intended as a forum for:

  • People to keep up with what work is going on with the Nova Cells v2 and where it is headed
  • Helping coordinate ongoing development work
  • Wiki page for Cell v2


  • We removed the weekly meeting from openstack meetings because we canceled it far more often than we held it: https://review.openstack.org/609496
  • Please find us in the #openstack-nova channel on IRC to talk about cells v2.

Next Meeting


Please feel free to add items to the Agenda

  • Cells testing
  • Open Discussion
    • Cross-cell migration (mriedem)
    • Config option to hide VMs if any in a down cell (mriedem)
      • Huawei public cloud operators want the ability to not list any VMs if at least one is in a down cell; show is OK, but they don't want users to be confused about why there are missing VMs (this would be before the new microversion). : https://review.openstack.org/592428/ (open for comments on the approach);

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