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Weekly Nova team meeting

MEETING TIME: Thursdays alternating 14:00 UTC (#openstack-meeting) and 21:00 UTC (#openstack-meeting)

This meeting is a weekly gathering of developers working on OpenStack Compute (Nova). We cover topics such as release planning and status, bugs, reviews, and other current topics worthy of real-time discussion.

NOTE: this wiki page should be 'emptied' at the end of each meeting.

Agenda for next meeting

Next meetings scheduled for:

Where you see "?" feel free to just edit the wiki and add your item.

Here is the agenda for the next meeting:

  • #topic Release News
  • #topic Reminders
  • #topic Sub/related team Highlights
    • Placement (cdent)
    • API (gmann)
      • Did not push the updates on ML. Main updates are below:
        • 1. API cleanup code is ready for review and it is on runway.
        • 2. I am working on 'Default policy refresh' and making first API policies (os-services) seq of changes up. That will be used to get early feedback and direction we will follow for all the API policies. I should be ready with that by Monday.
        • 3. There are few more API related BPs up for review or under review (you can fetch the links from API updates ML of last week).
  • #topic Stuck Reviews
    • Please note "stuck review" means a review where there is some disagreement that needs resolving. It's not for reviews that just haven't had attention, except for exceptional cases.


There are also some Nova subteam meetings. See Nova#Nova_subteams for details.

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