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The OpenStack Networking L3 DVR Sub-team holds public meetings as advertised on OpenStack IRC Meetings Calendar. If you are unable to attend, please check the most recent logs.



Meeting August 10th, 2016

Announcements (haleyb)

  • When adding items below I'd like to try to get feedback on whether they are a MUST FIX, SHOULD FIX, or GOOD TO HAVE

Topics for Discussion

Bugs (Swami)

All DVR bugs should be tagged and listed here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/neutron/+bugs?field.tag=l3-dvr-backlog

New Bugs this week

Categorized Bugs

Gate Test Failures

More Functional test failures seen in Gate.


Existing Functionality Broken Bugs

Scale and Performance Impact Bugs

New Features Bugs

Refactor or Cleanup Bugs

WishList Bugs

WatchList Bugs

Bugs Closed Recently


Gate failures (haleyb)

  • Current failure rate: https://goo.gl/L1WODG
    • Upstream multinode job failures seen, root cause identified.
    • Check job failures were mostly due to the ipv6 dual net test case failure, cause identified and workaround proposed.
    • Functional test failures seen in the Check queue, root cause yet to be identified.
    • Single node check job failure rates are more when compared to neutron full job.
    • Multi-node check job failure rate have gone up from last week
  • Old bug to help in debugging the gate

Stable backports (haleyb)

Ihar created a page tracking all the potential backports from Mitaka to the stable releases. I have been going through it with the help of Swami to get stable/liberty, well, more stable. Bugs are removed from list as they merge.

We need to continue to be aggressive at proactively backporting fixes to the stable branches

This is a list of bugs with a fix that has been committed to the master branch, and are tagged with 'neutron-proactive-backport-potential+l3-dvr-backlog' (the wiki thinks the link is spam so I had to put a space in it)

Open Discussion

Wanted to talk about some related patches, so we come up with a good answer going forward These two both do similar things around ip_lib.get_devices() code:

And this is a change that also checks existence so not throw exceptions:

Need to escalate the nova patch for the live migration. Since we have the tempest test running right now, we need someone from the nova team to take a look at the nova live migration patch.

Meeting commands

/join #openstack-meeting-alt
#startmeeting neutron_dvr
#topic Announcements
#undo topic
#link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Neutron-DVR
#action haleyb will get something specific done this week
#chair Swami