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Networking Calico Meeting

2017-3-6: The networking-calico IRC meeting has now been discontinued, as in practice all Calico-related discussion is at https://calicousers.slack.com. You can join that forum by going to https://slack.projectcalico.org/.

Apologies for Absence

Agenda for 2016-11-15

  • Announcements
  • Work for Neutron Stadium
    • neutron-lib
    • CI
    • Floating IP implementation compatibility with multiple ML2 mechanism drivers
    • Reno
  • Open Discussion

Meetbot commands

  • #startmeeting networking_calico
    • "networking_calico" part is used for the log URL
  • #endmeeting
    • To end the meeting officially (as a result, meetbot will perform all of the necessary logging and archiving of the text from #startmeeting to #endmeeting)

Previous meeting logs