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OpenStack Meetering project (ceilometer) Meeting Summary

Date: 26 APR 2012

Present: dachary, dhellmann, chmouel, nijaba, jayahn, littleidea, Aswad, zul, flacoste


  1. Agree on the project objectives
The project aims to deliver a unique point of contact for billing systems to aquire all counters they need to establish customer billing, accross all current and future OpenStack components. The delivery of counters must be tracable and auditable, the counters must be easily extensible to support new projects, and agents doing data collections should be independent of the overall system"
  1. Agree on a project name
  2. Agree on a project decision roadmap
  3. Agree on temporary leadership of the project until project is 3 months old
  4. Agree on project creation on lp and use of git or bzr
  5. Discussion on other topics

Meeting log

Partially truncated as we ran out of time and had to switch to the #openstack-metering chan


  1. Project objective have been agreed as stated above
  2. Project name has been agreed by voting: ceilometer
  3. Project decision roadmap has been agreed as follow:
03 May: schema and counter definitions
10 May: external API definition
17 May: message queue choice
24 May: API message format
31 May: storage backend
  1. Agreed that dachary and nijaba will co chair the project during an initial 3mo period after which a vote will take place to elect a PTL.
  2. Agreed to create the project on launchpad as a subproject of openstack. Code will be hosted on git.
  3. No other topic as we ran out of time


  • ALL: start discussion on next meeting topic (schema and counter definitions) on ml openstack-dev
  • flacoste: create project on lp [DONE: https://launchpad.net/ceilometer ]