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This page tracks ML2 meeting information.

Agenda Wednesday 09-04-2013

H3 Reviews

Post H3 Review Items

  • ML2 Documentation
    • Need to start on this after the H3 flurry is done.
  • devstack ML2 usage
    • Need to start on this

Action Items

  • Need to update the ML2 wiki page

Havana Blueprint Discussions are the Focus Today

BP implementation proposal deadline was last Friday. BP implementation merge deadline is end-of-day next Tuesday, August 3rd. Are the BP implementations in review on-track to be merged? Are there dependencies between them? Are they getting reviewed and updated?

Recently merged:

Currently in review for H-3:


Icehouse ML2 work for reference


Previous Meeting Logs

General ML2 Information

Here are the current ml2-specific blueprints for havana:

These tunnel-related blueprints effect the openvswitch and/or linuxbridge agents, and the features should also (or exclusively) be supported (using both agents simultaneously where applicable) by the ml2 plugin:

These blueprints involve the ml2 MechanismDriver API: