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(Previous Agenda)
(Meeting Today (10-30-2013))
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== Agenda Wednesday 10-16-2013 ==
== Agenda Wednesday 10-16-2013 ==
=== '''Meeting Today (10-30-2013)''' ===
=== '''Meeting Today (Nov 13, 2013)''' ===
* Icehouse Design Summit Sessions for ML2
** Revisit "Modular L2 TypeDriver extra port information"
** Link for All Neutron Summit Sessions: http://icehousedesignsummit.sched.org/overview/type/neutron#.Um_LqGRATvG
*** https://review.openstack.org/37893
** ML2 Sessions Etherpads:
*** https://blueprints.launchpad.net/neutron/+spec/ml2-typedriver-extra-port-info
*** Extensibility of ML2 (Wednesday 4:40PM): https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ML2_Extensibility
** Request for slides of summit session "ML2 Plugin Deep Dive"
*** ML2 QoS and Deprecated Plugin Migration (Wednesday 5:30PM): https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/neutron-qos-hk and https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ML2_Deprecated_Plugin_Migration
*** http://lists.openstack.org/pipermail/openstack/2013-November/002920.html
*** ML2 Multiple Backend Support (Friday 9:50AM)
** Testing
*** ML2 Mechanism Drivers and Modular Agents (Friday 1:30PM)
*** Additional unit tests needed
*** Tempest tests
===Previous Agenda===
===Previous Agenda===

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This page tracks ML2 meeting information.

Agenda Wednesday 10-16-2013

Meeting Today (Nov 13, 2013)

Previous Agenda

  • Icehouse Design Summit Topic ideas
    • RPC handling in ML2 for Type and Mechanism Drivers
    • More extensible TypeDrivers for controller-based MechanismDrivers
    • Monolithic Plugin vs. ML2 MechanismDriver - current and future plugins
    • Future Directions for ML2 (orchestration, deployment, management, ...)
    • Migration from deprecated Plugins (openvswitch, linuxbridge) to ML2 - automation?
    • Add support for VXLAN multicast to the OVS agent with newer versions of OVS and Linux kernel.
    • Multi-segment provider network implementations in MechanismDrivers, specifically OVS.
    • Additional provider network attributes for controller-based plugins such as ODL for networks created outside of Neutron.

Icehouse ML2 work for reference


Previous Meeting Logs

General ML2 Information

Here are the current ml2-specific blueprints for havana:

These tunnel-related blueprints effect the openvswitch and/or linuxbridge agents, and the features should also (or exclusively) be supported (using both agents simultaneously where applicable) by the ml2 plugin:

These blueprints involve the ml2 MechanismDriver API: