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Libvirt Meetings

Meeting to discuss any bug, blueprint or topic related to the libvirt driver in Nova.

The team will meet every Tuesday at 15:00 UTC in #openstack-meeting-3

Who are we ?

The group is a subset of the Nova developers interested in the Libvirt driver in Nova, for any hypervisor (including but not limited to KVM, QEMU, Xen (libxl) and LXC), and welcomes contribution from interested parties representing any other OpenStack projects that utilize / integrate with Libvirt.


The mission of the team is

  • To ensure Libvirt continues to be the leading virtualization driver in Nova for any hypervisor it supports"


The areas the team works in are many and varied

  • Triage incoming bug reports
  • Review of blueprints / nova-specs
  • Tracking of progress / resolving roadblocks in development / reviews
  • Respond to gate stability issues impacting libvirt CI
  • Planning / assistence for bringing new libvirt hypervisor/container drivers into Nova


Meeting facilitator

  • Daniel Berrange (IRC: danpb, Red Hat)

Contact info

Email: openstack-dev@lists.openstack.org (tag with [nova][libvirt])

IRC: #openstack-dev on freenode (OpenStack specific) or #virt on oftc.net (Libvirt upstream developers)



Add items for discussion to the team meeting etherpad

Etherpad to be copied to a wiki page 'Meeting/Libvirt/Mintues/YEARMONTHDAY' after the meeting completes