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Kolla Kall

Kolla Kall is a biweekly Kolla call happening every other Thursday at 15:00 UTC, starting July 9 2020.

Everyone is free to join. Kolla Kall is development-oriented and focuses on implementation discussion, change planning, release planning, housekeeping, etc. The expected audience is people interested in Kolla projects development, including Kolla, Kolla-Ansible and Kayobe.

The current platform is OpenDev's Meetpad (Jitsu). The meeting's name is KollaKall. The direct link is https://meetpad.opendev.org/KollaKall

Agenda for the next meeting (July 9 2020)

  1. Roll-call and testing meeting solutions
  2. Welcome to the Kall
  3. Kolla documentation review
  4. Kolla-Ansible documentation review
  5. Kayobe documentation review
  6. Establishing new agenda (we will likely have several sessions on docs review)