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Weekly Keystone team meeting

If you're interested in identity for OpenStack, we hold public meetings weekly on IRC in #openstack-meeting, on Tuesdays at 18:00 UTC. Please feel free to add items to the agenda below with your name and we'll cover them.

Agenda for next meeting

  • [Brant] Tempest change for assignments-doesn't-check-identity
    • Do we need a new blueprint? the ones we have aren't going to be obvious to tempest - split-identity is closed and federation doesn't say this.
    • From last time:
      • Allows both 200 and 404... could change to 200-only after keystone change merges.
      • Not surprised at -1 since didn't provide any justification (more proof of concept until have blueprint)
      • keystone change
  • [Brant] REMOTE_USER auth v2 and v3 mismatch
    • I think we should have a doc/etherpad says what plugins we want!
  • Code reviews for icehouse blueprints
  • [Brant] Moving keystone tests to tempest
    • Tempest doesn't want our tests as they are. They have scenario tests, but they're not like our keystoneclient tests.
    • Had a few proposals on the ML
      • Don't put the tests in Tempest. Have new jobs, could get the code from keystone, new project, or whatever. (This would get the testing out of K6e quickly.)
      • Clean up tests in keystone so that they're like tempest would accept as scenario tests, then move to tempest.
      • Drop this testing - nobody else is doing this so why do we?
        • Stop checkout in keystone, just test master; then can change keystone to use webtest rather than the client (like v3 tests).
  • Open Topic

Previous meetings

Logs and meeting summaries of previous meetings are located here.