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Weekly Keystone team meeting

If you're interested in identity for OpenStack, we hold public meetings weekly on IRC in #openstack-meeting, on Tuesdays at 18:00 UTC. Please feel free to add items to the agenda below with your name and we'll cover them.

Agenda for next meeting

  • [gyee] Lets sort out password rotation use case [1]
  • [Brant] Tempest change for assignments-doesn't-check-identity
    • Allows both 200 and 404... could change to 200-only after keystone change merges.
    • Not surprised at -1 since didn't provide any justification (more proof of concept until have blueprint)
    • keystone change
  • [Brant] REMOTE_USER auth v2 and v3 mismatch
    • bug Can't write an external auth handler (sets REMOTE_USER) that both
      • a) supports user name with @ (email address)
      • b) works with both v2 and v3
    • Might be a dup of Henry's bug 1211233 -- not very explicit about problem.
    • Some cleanup work is in progress already... 50362
    • Not sure what fix is... new v3 plugin works like v2? Change v2 (can v2 use the configured external plugin?)
    • Worth it to backport a fix? (We could use this... but changes in master already make backport not easy)
  • Code reviews for icehouse blueprints

Previous meetings

Logs and meeting summaries of previous meetings are located here.