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Biweekly Smaug meeting

If you're interested in Data Protection as Service(Smaug) for OpenStack, we have a weekly meetings on IRC. Please feel free to add your topic to the agenda below. When adding topics please leave your IRC name. meeting information:

  • #openstack-meeting
  • Tuesday at 1400 UTC each even week

Agenda (2016-03-08 1400 UTC)

Agenda (2016-02-23 1400 UTC)

Agenda (2016-01-26 1400 UTC)

  • Make an official conclusion about what plugins we'll provide.
  • Open Issues
    • whether to build task flow inside protection plugin or out side of it?
    • whether restore procedure needs first import metadata from bank?
    • whether checkpoint should be persisted with its brief metadata in API layer DB?

Agenda (2016-01-12 1400 UTC)

Everyone is welcome, feel free to add topics before or at the beginning of meetings.

Agenda (2015-12-22 1400 UTC)