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Weekly meeting on Mondays at 1600 UTC on #openstack-meeting-4

Tracking Ironic/Neutron integration Discussions

In this meeting we will discuss the integration between Ironic and Neutron (ML2). Following two etherpads are the for the background purposes

Team Charter/Goals - for Liberty release

  • Create a spec with the details of Bare Metal physical connectivity information model and Ironic Port API modification
    • Generate a patch to implement this spec
  • Define the details of the network flip orchestration logic
    • Finalize as to what is the best way to refactor Nova code to facilitate this functionality
  • CI for testing this functionality
    • this includes a plan as well implementation

Initial Charter will not cover the following

  • Automated discovery of the ports physical connectivity
    • Initial functionality will be tested by using modified Ironic Port IP to specify the physical connectivity information

Initial Kick off Meeting June 1, 2015


  • Announcements
    • We need contributors to help with implementation. Please identify as to what will you be willing to help with
  • Discuss Team Goals
  • Progress on the spec for modification to Ironic Port API
  • Nova/Neutron interaction proposal (jroll) -- let's add an optional parameter to the Neutron API to control whether or not to plumb the network immediately, and use it like this https://review.openstack.org/#/c/186855/
  • Open Discussion
    • Please add if you would like to discuss anything