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(Previous Meetings)
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== Previous Meetings ==
== Previous Meetings ==
None at this time, this is presently a placeholder.
Meeting notes and logs can be found at [http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/ironic_bfv/ eavesdrop.openstack.org].

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Ironic-BFV Meeting

The Ironic-BFV sub team meeting, intended for planning and co-ordination of the work for the addition of support into Ironic to boot from remote storage volumes, namely cinder volumes. The meeting is on Thursdays at 1600 UTC in #openstack-meeting-5.


  • Announcements/Reminders
  • Current Status
  • Planning/Priorities
  • Discussion (Please add items to be discussed under discussion)
  • Open Discussion

Previous Meetings

Meeting notes and logs can be found at eavesdrop.openstack.org.