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Weekly Ironic Project Team Meeting

If you're interested in bare metal deployments with OpenStack, please join us. This meeting is where we'll talk about the Ironic project, an evolution of the Nova Baremetal driver. Anyone is welcome to add items to the agenda below, or bring up their topic during the open discussion at the end of each meeting.

Meetings are held in the #openstack-meeting room on irc.freenode.net at 19:00 UTC on Mondays, and chaired by either Devananda or NobodyCam. The next meeting is scheduled for April 7th, 2014 (http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?iso=20140407T1900).

The related TripleO project has its team meeting on Tuesday at the same time, in the #openstack-meeting-alt room.

Agenda for next meeting

  • https://launchpad.net/ironic/+milestone/icehouse-rc1 Icehouse RC status]
  • Ongoing integration & testing work
  • Open Discussion:
    • Promote set_boot_device from VendorPassthru to the core PowerInterface
    • Using a whitelist or blacklist to disable drivers in Ironic? (https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1302562)
    • Functional/Integration testing of vendor drivers (Tempest?)
    • Driver architecture for Chassis object (Allow vendors to define behavior for the Chassis object like Auto node discovery etc)
    • What is the best way to organize common parts for Ironic and Ironic-python-agent. We have common functionality for disk partitioning and it is better to have a place where we can put common parts. Or we just need to have two independent implementations and then merge them if we want to store Ironic and Ironic-python-agent at the same repository?
    • [devstack] Configure ssh to listen to non-standard port. Does anyone really need this? Ssh is listening to all interfaces by default and that should be sufficient enough for Ironic purposes. code related
    • Console support: using utils.execute will cause this function to hang because the processutils.execute method doesn't support running tasks in background. Different ways to resolve this.
    • Top-level vendor passthru implementation and best way to approach it: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/81919/

Previous meetings

Logs from previous meetings can be found here.