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* '''Meeting Time''': Weekly on Wednesdays at 1300 UTC
* '''Meeting Time''': Weekly on Wednesdays at 1300 UTC
* '''IRC channel''': #openstack-meeting-3
* '''IRC channel''': #openstack-meeting-3
* '''Chaired by''': primeministerp (Peter Pouliot)
* '''Chaired by''': claudiub (Claudiu Belu)
===Who are we?===
===Who are we?===

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Weekly OpenStack Hyper-V Sub-Team Meeting

This is a weekly meeting to discuss blueprints and bugs related to Hyper-V integrations with OpenStack.


  • Meeting Time: Weekly on Wednesdays at 1300 UTC
  • IRC channel: #openstack-meeting-3
  • Chaired by: claudiub (Claudiu Belu)

Who are we?

The Hyper-V team is an informal subgroup of nova, but not exclusively nova, with the mission:

  • "Offer excellent support for Hyper-V technologies in OpenStack."

This involves looking looking from a Hyper-V view at the following things:

  • Tracking/reviewing Hyper-V related blueprints
  • Triaging Hyper-V related bugs
  • Tracking parity with other hypervisors
  • Improving documentation
  • Improving testing (and eventually gating)
  • Meet weekly to track progress
  • Discuss the Roadmap at a Design Summit session

Main companies involved:

Current meeting chair:

  • Peter Pouliot (Microsoft, IRC:primeministerp)


  • os-win
  • Hyper-V nova-compute driver
  • Neutron Hyper-V plugin
  • Ceilometer agent
  • Cinder for Windows Storage Server



Note: The normal standing agenda is Blueprints, Bugs, Reviews, (not always in that order) closing the meeting with open discussion, as time permits.

Previous Meetings (most recent first)


  • hyper-v_ci@microsoft.com