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Revision as of 06:20, 26 August 2015 by Travis Tripp (talk | contribs) (Agenda for August 26 1200 UTC)

The OpenStack Horizon Drivers Team holds public meetings in #openstack-meeting-3 at alternating times.

The focus of this meeting is reviewing blueprints, bugs and priorities. Everyone is encouraged to attend.

Upcoming meeting schedule:

  • August 12 1200 UTC
  • August 19 2000 UTC
  • August 26 1200 UTC
  • September 2 2000 UTC

Agenda for August 26 1200 UTC

Review Angular blueprints (robcresswell) (Continuation of last week)

Note from TravTː Many, if not all of the below involve people who likely can't make the meeting time this week (5 AM PT). I'd request that most of them be deferred until the following week and you cover blueprints that could be obsolesced.

Review other blueprints

Agenda for August 19 2000 UTC

Review Angular blueprints (robcresswell)

Agenda for August 12 1200 UTC

  • Explain goals and reasons for this meeting (david-lyle)