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Agenda: 09/14/2016

  1. Welcome
  2. Roll Call and Introduction
  3. Admin Update
  4. Tracking Progress of PoC (JIRA Ticket in OPNFV)
    1. Task (Ian): Push code from Github to OpenStack Gluon repo
    2. Story (Tom): Gluon Neutron ML2 Plugin
      1. Task (Tom): Initial proposal describing ML2 approach
      2. Task (Tom): Push Interim Gluon Neutron ML2 Plugin Code for Gerrit Review
    3. Story (Niko): Database Migration from SQLLite to MySQL
      1. Task (Niko): Implementation Proposal of MySQL for Database Migration
    4. Story (Jin Li): PoC Testing
      1. Task (Jin Li): Initial testing proposal
  5. Round Table
    1. Tom (Dummy network)
    2. Jin (testing)
    3. Others
  6. New Blueprint Discussion
    1. Gluon Nova Plugin
  7. AOB