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Weekly OpenStack EC2 API Sub-Team Meeting

This is a weekly meeting to discuss blueprints and bugs related to EC2 API integration with OpenStack.


  • Meeting Time: Weekly on Tuesdays at <TBD> UTC
  • IRC channel: #openstack-meeting
  • Chaired by: swamireddy (Swami Reddy)

Who are we?

The EC2 API team is an informal subgroup of nova, but not exclusively nova, with the mission:

  • "Offer excellent support for EC2 APIs in OpenStack."

This involves looking looking from a EC2 API view at the following things:

  • Tracking/reviewing EC2 related blueprints
  • Triaging EC2 related bugs
  • Improving documentation
  • Improving testing (and eventually gating)
  • Meet weekly to track progress
  • Discuss the Roadmap at a Design Summit session

Current meeting chair:

  • Swami Reddy (Reliance, IRC:swamireddy)



Note: The normal standing agenda is Blueprints, Bugs, Reviews, (not always in that order) closing the meeting with open discussion, as time permits.

Previous Meetings (most recent first)

Here are the details of our previous meetings:

To be added