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* Specific items:
* Specific items:
** Gating reviews on DevStack with MySQL and PostgreSQL (kiall)
** Gating reviews on DevStack with MySQL and PostgreSQL (kiall)
*** Long term maintenance of the DevStack plugin? - https://github.com/designate-dns/devstack-designate
*** Functional Tests? Neutron/Nova/Heat etc integrations?
* Open Discussion
* Open Discussion

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DNSaaS Meetings

The DNSaaS team holds a weekly IRC meeting in #openstack-meeting-alt on Wednesdays at 17:00 UTC

Meeting logs are available at http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/designate/

Next meeting

Date of next meeting Wednesday 15 January, 17:00 UTC


The agenda is open to everyone to edit. Please add any items you wish to discuss.
  • Review action items from last week (See Meeting Logs for previous week)
  • Specific items:
  • Open Discussion

Future meetings

Possible Agenda Topics:

  • Incubation ReDiscussion (Delay to post TC policy changes)
  • Incubation Vote