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Weekly Metering meeting

The metering project team holds a meeting in #openstack-metering, Thursdays at 1600 UTC. Everyone is welcome.

Agenda for next meeting

  1. Agree on the project objectives
The project aims to deliver a unique point of contact for billing systems to aquire all counters they need to establish customer billing, accross all current and future OpenStack components. The delivery of counters must be tracable and auditable, the counters must be easily extensible to support new projects, and agents doing data collections should be independent of the overall system" 
  1. Agree on a project name
  2. Agree on a project decision roadmap
  3. Agree on temporary leadership of the project until project is 3 months old
  4. Agree on project creation on lp and use of git or bzr
  5. Discussion on other topics

Proposed project names:

  • Metering
  • FillBill
  • (add your proposal here)

Proposed decision roadmap, one decision per week

  • a) database choice
  • b) schema choice
  • c) message queue choice
  • d) finalize api message format
  • e) finalize external api definition

Following this roadmap, at the end of it (5 weeks away from now) we'll be able to subdivide work between core development and agents.

Apologies for absence

  • ...

Previous meetings

  • none yet