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(Apologies for absence)
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=== Apologies for absence ===
=== Apologies for absence ===
llu-laptop won't be available on Sep 10th.
== Previous meetings ==
== Previous meetings ==

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Weekly Metering meeting

The ceilometer metering project team holds a meeting in #openstack-meeting:

ICAL link for the meeting schedule

HTML view of schedule in UTC

Everyone is welcome.

The blueprints that are used as a basis for the ceilometer project can be found at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ceilometer

Next meeting

  • Thu Sep 5th at 1500 UTC


Please add your name with the agenda item, so we know who to call on during the meeting.

  • Review Havana-3 milestone
  • State of DB2 driver (dhellmann)
    • https://bugs.launchpad.net/ceilometer/+bug/1208547
    • The DB2 driver does not return the right data for get_resources(), and it doesn't look like we know how to fix it. On IRC on Aug 3 we discussed the idea of removing the driver from the release by RC1 if we don't have a solution. We need to discuss and agree on the approach we want to take to address the issue.
  • Release python-ceilometerclient?
  • Open discussion

Apologies for absence

llu-laptop won't be available on Sep 10th.

Previous meetings

Older meetings

These meetings weren't sorted as "ceilometer" ones, so here's the direct links:

Meeting organizers

  • Publish the agenda 24h in advance
  • Mail the agenda to the list and invite participants
  • Ask each person responsible for an action from the previous meeting to prepare a line of the form, for each action item: . #info nickname description of the action link to the diff / mailing list thread etc. describing the implementation of the action
  • Use http://meetbot.debian.net/Manual.html to get an automatic summary
  • Prepare an outline for the meeting to speed things up
#startmeeting ceilometer
#topic some action from previous meeting
#topic something interesting
#topic Open discussion
  • Update == Agenda for next meeting ==
  • Mail the automatic summary as a reply to the invitation