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(Climate weekly meeting)
(Agenda for November, 13)
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* Summit review and follow-up
* Summit review and follow-up
* Previous meeting actions
* Reviews follow-up and prioritizations
* Reviews triaging
* Open discussion
* Open discussion

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Climate weekly meeting

The Climate project team holds a weekly team meeting in #openstack-meeting:

Meeting will be held on Wednesday Nov 13 due to summit

Next meetings

Agenda for November, 13

  • Summit review and follow-up
  • Reviews follow-up and prioritizations
  • Open discussion

Previous meetings

Minutes can be found here : http://eavesdrop.openstack.org/meetings/climate/

Meeting code of conduct

  • Amend the agenda before the meeting is starting, not after
  • We can leave an open discussion topic at the end of the meeting
  • People having reviews in progress should attend the meeting