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1. Manage shares (implemented)

manila create [--snapshot-id <snapshot-id>] [--name <name>]

                     [--description <description>]
                    <share_protocol> <size>

manila list manila show <share-id> manila delete <share-id>

2. Manage share’s network info (in progress)

'New:' manila network-info-create [--policy <policy description>]

                                           --network <network description> 

- <--network> is a description of the network in which created shares will be exported, specified in <param1=value1,param2=value2> format. This description will be specific to the manila network plug-in in use.

      - For manila neutron network plug-in user should specify: net_id=<neutron-network-id>,subnet_id=<neutron-subnet-id>

- <--policy> is a description of the policy (security) configurations used inside tenant’s network in which manila shares will be exported. Should be specified in form <protocol=”network fs protocol in use (nfs or cifs)”,param1=value1,param2=value2>.

     - For NFS user should specify: dns_ip, kerberos_server, kerberos_domain, kerberos_account, kerberos_password, ldap_server, ldap_domain
     - For CIFS user should specify: dns_ip, ad_server, ad_domain, admin_account, admin_pw

manila network-info-list manila network-info-show <nw-info-id> manila network-info-remove <nw-info-id>

Change: manila create [--snapshot-id <snapshot-id>] [--name <name>]

                     	           [--description <description>] 
                                  --network-info <nw-info-id>
                	            <share_protocol> <size>