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OpenStack File Shares ("Manila")

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  • Python Manila Client

What is Manila?

Manila is an OpenStack affiliated project to provide virtual file shares (a/k/a "file as a service" or virtual NAS). Manila is a spin-off of the Cinder project. Whereas Cinder exposes virtual block storage, Manila exposes mountable file shares. These file shares can be presented the a Nova guest via NFS, SMB, VirtFS, Glusterfs Native protocol or vendor-specific network attached storage protocols. Manila file shares can be concurrently mounted by multiple Nova guests.

The Manila project was initiated in August 2013 and is currently in start-up. know what they're doing with Neutron).

If you're a storage geek and like to hack on OpenStack, please join!

More Info:

  • [Manila Overview]
  • [Manila Storage Integration Patterns

Why Manila?

Using Manila

Current Project Status


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