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Mailing Lists

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'Help needed': If you want to help administer our mailman installation please contact communitymngr@openstack.org

How Do I Subscribe To A Mailing List?

Welcome! If you have never subscribed to a mailing list before, here are some suggestions.

  • click the link for the mailing list to which you wish to subscribe
  • you will be taken to a page for that mailing list, there will be instructions about how to subscribe
  • read the instructions, you will probably be asked for an email address you wish to use to subscribe to the mailing list, enter your email address
  • you will receive an email to the email address you entered asking you to confirm your subscription, follow the instructions in the email to confirm your subscription
    • Question: "What do I do if my subscription confirmation has expired?"
    • Answer: Subscribe again
  • Read the Mailing List Etiquette wikipage: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/MailingListEtiquette

General List

The openstack@lists.openstack.org general mailing list is the most active list. You should join this list when you start to know OpenStack. Request for help and community announcements are allowed on this list. Its rate can be up to 100 messages per day.

You should follow the MailingListEtiquette guidelines for posting to this list.

The list is archived in several places:

Note: this general list was previously set up at lists.launchpad.net.


Announcements about the OpenStack project like product release information and security advisories. This is a low-traffic, read-only list.

Future Development

This high-traffic list for the developers of OpenStack to discuss development issues and roadmap. It is focused on the next release of OpenStack: you should post on this list if you are a contributor to OpenStack or are very familiar with OpenStack development and want to discuss very precise topics, contribution ideas and similar. Do not ask support requests on this list.

Note that this is a single development list for all OpenStack projects. You can use Mailman Topics (on the [Subscribe] page) to help with sorting and filtering messages. Please read the [recent] [threads] to see why suggestions to split the list by projects might be met with strong resistance. You can use Topics to filter the list and have nearly the same effect if you only want to see messages for specific projects.


This is a specific list for existing OpenStack cloud operators. It is a forum to exchange best practices around operating an OpenStack installation at scale. You can ask for support on this list.

QA List

This list for the QA team members to discuss items related to upstream QA and Quality Engineering. Topics include: test suites, gating, coverage, etc.


Hosts the community discussion around the OpenStack Foundation & Board.



Discussions about the OpenStack International User Groups Community.The OpenStack International User Groups Community team is the main contact point for anybody running a local OpenStack User Group. Add your group to OpenStackUsersGroup.


Discussions on topics within OpenStack that require a strong security focus or issues that should be brought to the attention of the security community within OpenStack. Home of the OpenStack Security Group and a central point for co-ordinating security projects.

Internationalisation and Translation

Internationalisation and translation discussions. If you are interested in translating OpenStack, adding a new language to the translation system, asking questions about how to modify your code to work with i18n, you should join this low-traffic list.

Subteam lists

  • openstack-tc: Technical Committee members discussion list. Subscribe
  • openstack-docs: Documentation efforts. Subscribe
  • openstack-hpc: High Performance Computing discussions. Subscribe
  • openstack-infra: OpenStack Infrastructure (CI) discussions. Subscribe
    • third-party-announce: Announcements for third party CI operators, and those interested. Subscribe
    • third-party-request: Mailing list for third party CI operators to request a gerrit account. Subscribe
  • openstack-stable-maint: A mailing list for the OpenStack Stable Maintenance Team. Subscribe

User Committee

Discussions between people working with the user committee. In general, you should only join this list if you are a volunteer working on a user committee activity, or you are generally interested. All discussions about using openstack, user groups, or community participation happen on other mailing lists mentioned on this page.

Language-specific lists

It is possible to request a mailing list in a languages different than English. Basically to create a new mailing list you need to propose a change to the puppet configuration. Here is how to do it:

  1. clone the system-config repository
   $ git clone git://git.openstack.org/openstack-infra/system-config
  1. follow the [development workflow] and [create a branch] after making sure you have the latest upstream changes:
  $ git remote update
  $ git checkout master
  $ git pull origin master


 $ git checkout -b VIETNAMESE #for example
  1. edit the file modules/openstack_project/manifests/lists.pp adding something along the lines:
maillist { 'openstack-LANGUAGE_ISO_2_LETTER_EXTENSION':
  ensure      => present,
  admin       => 'YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS',
  password    => $listpassword,
  webserver   => $listdomain,
  mailserver  => $listdomain,
  1. make sure that you use spaces, not tabs; and make sure that the => are aligned in the editor
  1. commit the changes
  $ git commit -a
  $ git review

Send a message to the Community mailing list with the rewiew URL and somebody will review your request. If you're not already familiar with git review and prefer not to learn it, ask on the Community mailing list to create one list for you. Let me know what you prefer.