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Mailing Lists

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'Help needed': If you want to help administer our mailman installation please contact communitymngr@openstack.org

General List

The openstack@lists.launchpad.net general mailing list is the most active list. You should join this list when you start to know OpenStack. Request for help and community announcements are allowed on this list. Its rate can be up to 100 messages per day.

You should follow the MailingListEtiquette guidelines for posting to this list.

To join the list:

  1. Register for a Launchpad account
  2. Join one of the OpenStack teams: Nova, Swift, Glance, Quantum, Keystone...
  3. Sign up at https://launchpad.net/~openstack by clicking "Subscribe to mailing list"

The list is archived in several places:

Note: slow delivery of the emails to this list and its archive is a known issue


Announcements about the OpenStack project like product release information and security advisories. This is a read-only list.

Future Development

This list for the developers of OpenStack to discuss development issues and roadmap. It is focused on the next release of OpenStack: you should post on this list if you are a contributor to OpenStack or are very familiar with OpenStack development and want to discuss very precise topics, contribution ideas and similar. Do not ask support requests on this list.


This is a specific list for existing OpenStack cloud operators. It is a forum to exchange best practices around operating an OpenStack installation at scale. You can ask for support on this list.

QA List

This list for the QA team members to discuss items related to upstream QA and Quality Engineering. Topics include: test suites, gating, coverage, etc.


Hosts the community discussion around the OpenStack Foundation setup.


Discussions about the OpenStack International User Groups Community.The OpenStack International User Groups Community team is the main contact point for anybody running a local OpenStack User Group. Add your group to OpenStackUsersGroup.


Discussions on topics within OpenStack that require a strong security focus or issues that should be brought to the attention of the security community within OpenStack. Home of the OpenStack Security Group and a central point for co-ordinating security projects.

Subteam lists

  • openstack-tc: Technical Committee members discussion list. Subscribe
  • openstack-docs: Documentation efforts. Subscribe
  • openstack-hpc: High Performance Computing discussions. Subscribe
  • openstack-infra: OpenStack Infrastructure (CI) discussions. Subscribe
  • openstack-stable-maint: A mailing list for the OpenStack Stable Maintenance Team. Subscribe