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MagnetoDB/How to release

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Here is step-by-step tutorial how to release MagnetoDB


1. "Push Annotated Tag" permitting (like magnetodb-ptl group has here https://review.openstack.org/#/admin/projects/stackforge/magnetodb,access)

2. Generated and available gpg key (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/12061645/generating-a-gpg-key-for-git-tagging)

Release code/tarballs/pypi

1. add release tag, for example, “2.0.2” with the release description f.e.: “MagnetoDB milestone 2.0.2”; it should be signed by your personal gpg key:

git tag -s 2.0.2

2. then check that tag is in the repo: “git tag -v 2.0.2”, you should see something like:

object bb4086b3af0fa4ab5fc8067b539a9134894429f6
type commit
tag 2.0.2
tagger Sergey Lukjanov <slukjanov@mirantis.com> 1368016327 +0400

3. push tag to the gerrit, you should be in the core team to do it, here is the command to do it:

git push gerrit 2.0.2

If gerrit remote is not configured your local git repo, just add it as following

git remote add gerrit ssh://GERRIT_USERNAME@review.openstack.org:29418/stackforge/magnetodb.git

4. now go to the http://status.openstack.org/zuul/ and you should see something like:
Savanna Screen Shot 2013-05-08 at 16.38.38 .png
5. just job disappeared the release is now available, check the following links for the right versions:


6. go to the corresponding series at launchpad - https://launchpad.net/magnetodb/2.0 and release version using “Release now” button; here you should specify release date in yyyy-mm-dd format and some notes.

7. now you should change status of all wired with this version bugs from Fix Commited to Fix Released

8. upload tarball to released launchpad milestone - https://launchpad.net/magnetodb/+milestone/2.0.2 using the “Add download file” button The new released version should appear as active, like here

Magnetodb launchpad download file.png

9. check pypi release (pip install magnetodb)

10. send email to the community

OpenStack release process