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MagnetoDB/Code Review Guidelines

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Revision as of 14:59, 17 March 2014 by Serge Kovaleff (talk | contribs) (We discourage (-1) these things)


Any policy or guidelines form something intangible, often called "culture" or "mentality". They effectively promote values accepted by a community or a working group. I consider such stuff as very important for any long-term project success. So I volunteered to help with this corner-stone document.

Of course this is a draft and can and must be discussed. Please come to the project IRC channel #magnetodb on FreeNode server.

Values we ... hm ... value

Excellence, even small typo can change or even ruin a newcomer's perception.

Openness, we believe the more people contribute their best the better our product will be.

Easiness, it should be easy to start, easy to excel, easy to be happy in this big world :-)

We encourage (+1) these things

The change makes code/documents/design ...

Easier to understand

... to read (including typos)

... to maintain in the future

Better in terms of performance

... Scalability

... Simplicity

We discourage (-1) these things

The changes make code/documents/design ...

... Opposite of values above :)

Especially ...

There is no description what inside and why the change should be accepted.

There is no reference to a bug or a blueprint to track discussions, decisions, and history.

There is a grammatical or syntax errors.

The change is too big to be reviewed without extra efforts. It's recommended to chop design into small chunks gathered into super-blueprint to provide a big picture.