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Basic Principles

The point of this document is to bring together a set of common guidelines that we can all agree upon, to make logging across all the OpenStack services as consistent as possible.

== Log level definitions: == http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2031163/when-to-use-log-level-warn-vs-error This is a nice writeup about when to use each log level. Here is a brief description:

  • Debug: Shows everything and is likely not suitable for normal production operation due to the sheer size of logs generated
  • Info: Usually indicates successful service start/stop, versions and such non-error related data
  • Audit: (An OpenStack inventing level)
  • Warning: Indicates that there might be a systemic issue; potential predictive failure notice
  • Error: An error has occurred and an administrator should research the event
  • Critical: An error has occurred and the system might be unstable; immediately get administrator assistance