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Launchpad Teams and Gerrit Groups

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OpenStack Launchpad groups

Relationships between groups and projects/series


Public groups

'openstack' group

You must be a member of the openstack group to subscribe to the openstack development mailing-list. Members of project groups (nova, swift...) are automatically part of the openstack group.

Project groups ('nova', 'swift'...)

Join this group if you're interested in a spcific project.

Private groups

Project bug groups ('nova-bugs', 'swift-bugs'...)

The project bug groups are the bug contact for a given project. They have the ability to see Private bugs filed against the project.

Project core groups ('nova-core', 'swift-core'...)

The project core groups are the branch merge proposal reviewers for a given project. They have the ability to accept branch merge proposals.

Project drivers groups ('nova-drivers', 'swift-drivers'...)

The project drivers groups are the maintainers and the drivers for a given project. They have the ability to create series, milestones, and accept bug and blueprint goals for a given series.

'openstack-admins' group

The openstack-admins group is an administrative group that owns all other groups. Additionally, it maintains the details of the OpenStack project group.