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Large Contributing OpenStack Operators (LCOO)

Status: Active and recruiting additional organizations to collaborate. We meet as a coordination team at least twice monthly and run "deep dive/topical" sessions monthy.


 * Sundar Krishnamoorthy <sundar.krishnamoorthy@intel.com>
 * Jamey McCabe <jamemcc@gmail.com>

Organization Coordinators:

 * Andy Ukasick, AT&T; <andrew.ukasick@att.com>
 * Jaesuk Ahn; SK Telecom; <jay.ahn@sk.com>
 * Marc Bailly, Orange; <marc.bailly@orange.com>
 * Sanjeev Jaiswal; Reliance Jio; <sanjeev.jaiswal@ril.com>
 * Shintaro Mizuno; NTT; <mizuno.shintaro@lab.ntt.co.jp>
 * Sundar Krishnamoorthy; Intel; <sundar.krishnamoorthy@intel.com>


 * We run meetings via video-conference and IRC but also track all participants, proposals and agreements: Meeting invites/notes

Current Member Companies

 * SK Telecom
 * Reliance Jio
 * Orange
 * NTT
 * Intel
 * AT&T

About LCOO

The Large Contributing OpenStack Operator (LCOO) is an organizationally based working group. Instead of being a group of various individuals who come together to produce some particular deliverable(s), LCOO strives to be a forum in which companies can network together around OpenStack topics and priorities, sharing information and identifying opportunities for collaboration. LCOO also provides a framework of tools and shared practices designed to encourage and enable intra-company collaboration. While all are welcome to participate, it is companies that join as 'members' and make a committment to participate and contribute.

LCOO's Mission

 * To facilitate intra-company sharing / discussing of OpenStack priorities, strategy, challenges and solutions
 * To share information about community happenings and encourage participation
 * To be a bridge connecting the activities of the OpenStack community with otherwise internally focused OpenStack users
 * To build a network of intra-company relationships between internally focused OpenStack SME's/Users
 * To provide a framework to encourage intra-company collaboration
 * Promote the operational needs / use cases of our members within the OpenStack Community
 * To encourage increased contribution to and material support of OpenStack

Key Differentiators

 * Large operator focused
 * Private Cloud operator focused
 * Horizontal scaling / distributed cloud focused
 * Membership is by Company

Guiding Principles

 * Openness - The LCOO works openly, transparently and collaboratively within the OpenStack community to contributre towards the continual enhancement of the OpenStack platform. LCOO ensures that member efforts align with the spirit and goals of the OpenStack Foundation.
 * Contribute Work Upstream - In the spirit of open source, LCOO is committed to furthering open standards by ensuring that work is contributed upstream, by working within the community. 
 * Accelerate OpenStack Innovation - Through its multi-cultural, globally distributed and technologically diverse member companies, the LCOO creates an environment for its members that promotes greater opportunities for learning, mentoring, innovation and accomplishment than possible by any member alone. By joining resources, members are able to engage more deeply, broadly and effectively within the community in order to raise awareness of key priorities and accelerate improvement.

Why should companies join? Why should individuals participate?

 * To increase your professional network
 * To gain new insights, to learn how other companies are addressing our common challenges
 * To promote and garner support for key priorities and iniatives among other companies 
 * To engage in mutually beneficial collaborative endeavors with other like minded companies
 * To have greater awareness of Community changes, trends, happenings
 * To amplify your voice in the OpenStack community by joining it with other like minded companies
 * To amplify your innovative potential by exchanging insights and ideas beyond your company's doors

LCOO Structure and Roles

Executive Board Members

 * Executive leadership represntatives from each Member Company
 * Set the overall direction and priorities for LCOO


 * Represent their organization through regular participation in the day to day work of LCOO
 * Share the overall coordination of LCOO activities


Opportunities for collaboration emerge organically from LCOO activities which in turn result in sub-teams spinning off around various efforts. These efforts could take the form of SIG's, new Project Teams, POC teams, etc. These teams operate independently and might consist of:

 * Stakeholders / SME’s from Member Companies
 * Stakeholders / SME’s from the Community at large
 * Any interested individuals


 * Attend Topical Meetings when desired / do not present at sessions
 * Misc interested, non-member individuals, who attend meetings and/or occasionally participate in ‘Contributor’ sub-teams

LCOO Meetings

Topical Forums

 * Open to ALL - details are published in advance in the OpenStack mailing lists and in our LCOO wiki site
 * Held monthly for 90 minutes
 * Times rotate in order to accommodate global participation
 * Conducted in English via Web-Meeting / Video Conference
 * Members present their key interests, priorities, strategy, pain points, accomplishments, etc., for the topic at hand together with Q&A and discussion
 * During these sessions we seek out synergies and opportunities for collaboration

General Meetings

 * Attended by LCOO Coordinators and open to anyone
 * Held bi-weekly for 60 minutes
 * Times rotate to accommodate global participation
 * Conducted in English via Web-Meeting / Video Conference
 * Plan/coordinate Topical Forums
 * Status updates for collaborations underway, share community information / plan for community happenings, etc.

Executive Board Meetings

 * Attended by executive leadership representatives from member companies
 * Meet 2-4 times per year as needed for ~ 90 minutes
 * Conducted in English via telepresence, web meeting or face to face
 * Steer the overall activities and direction of LCOO
 * Set common priorities and strategy relevant to LCOO

A framework for Intra-Company Collabortion

In addition to the standard OpenStack tools, LCOO uses the following tools to provide a framework for intra-company collaboration. These tools are all fully Open to everyone.

 * JIRA for agile issue tracking and  lifecycle management of LCOO projects/collaborations: https://openstack-lcoo.atlassian.net
 * GitHub provides Git source code repositories for our efforts that cannot utilize git.openstack.org: https://github.com/LCOO
 * Slack for convenient instant messaging across our global members and collaborators: https://lcoo.slack.com
 * Confluence wiki for joint editing and sharing of documents, maintaining meeting notes, action item tracking and more:  https://openstack-lcoo.atlassian.net/wiki
 * Skype for Business and Webex are used for web-meetings and video conferencing.

Agreement Tracking/Wiki

 * Meetings are also announced in advance through the User Committee mail list
 * Our Meeting Agenda’s and notes are published in Confluence here: Meeting invites/notes

How to Join

Member companies agree to:

 * Delgate someone to the Coordinator Role
 * Delegate an Executive representative to the Executive Board Member Role
 * Actively participate in the activities of LCOO

Procedure to Join:

 * One or more people from the company begin participating in the General (Coordinator) Meetings and other activities of LCOO
 * The company's participant(s) express their company’s desire to join at one of the General Meetings
 * An Executive representative of the company attends the next LCOO Executive Board Meeting and is welcomed by the other board members