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Kolla is the provider of containerized OpenStack services consumed by advanced orchestration tools including optional deployment tools produced by Kolla. Kolla simplifies testing, deployment, and operations of OpenStack clouds by using container best practices.

Core Team

  • [PTL] Steven Dake (sdake)
  • Martin Andre (mandre)
  • Jeff Peeler (jpeeler)
  • Ryan Hallisey (rhallisey)
  • Daneyon Hansen (danehans)
  • Sam Yaple (samyaple)


Meetings Meetings/Kolla
IRC #kolla on Freenode
Milestones https://launchpad.net/kolla/+milestones
Mailing List OpenStack dev list, prefix with [kolla]
Bug tracker https://bugs.launchpad.net/kolla
Blueprints [1]

Discussions / Etherpads

Getting Started