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Kolla provides production-ready containers and deployment tools for operating OpenStack clouds that are scalable, fast, reliable, and upgradable using community best practices.

Active Contributors

Alphabetical by first name please.

Timestamp: 1:22 UTC (reload all times)

Name IRC Nick Timezone Local time Role
Michal Jastrzebski inc0 UTC-08:00 5:22 AM Core Reviewer
Bertrand Lallau blallau UTC+02:00 3:22 PM Core Reviewer
Borne Mace bmace UTC-08:00 5:22 AM Developer
Britt Houser britthouser UTC-04:00 9:22 AM Developer
Cao yuan caoyuan UTC+08:00 9:22 PM Core Developer
Daneyon Hansen daneyon UTC-08:00 5:22 AM Developer
Digambar Patil diga UTC+05:30 6:52 PM Developer
Duong Ha-Quang duonghq UTC+07:00 8:22 PM Core Reviewer
Eduardo Gonzalez egonzalez UTC+01:00 2:22 PM Core Reviewer
Harm Weites harmw UTC+01:00 2:22 PM Core Reviewer
Ian Main Slower UTC-08:00 5:22 AM Developer
James McCarthy jmccarthy UTC+01:00 2:22 PM Developer
Jeff Peeler jpeeler UTC-04:00 9:22 AM Core Reviewer
Marcin Juszkiewicz hrw UTC+01:00 2:22 PM Core Reviewer
Martin André mandre UTC+09:00 10:22 PM Core Reviewer
Michał Rostecki nihilifer UTC+02:00 3:22 PM Core Reviewer
Michał Stachowski mstachow UTC+02:00 3:22 PM Developer
Mick Thompson mickt UTC+01:00 2:22 PM Developer
Paul Bourke pbourke UTC+01:00 2:22 PM Core Reviewer
Prameswar prameswar UTC+05:30 6:52 PM Developer
Ryan Hallisey rhallisey UTC-04:00 9:22 AM Core Reviewer
Sam Yaple SamYaple UTC-05:00 8:22 AM Core Reviewer
Sean Mooney sean-k-mooney UTC+01:00 2:22 PM Developer
Surya Prakash Singh spsurya UTC+05:30 6:52 PM Core Reviewer
Swapnil Kulkarni coolsvap UTC+05:30 6:52 PM Core Reviewer
Vladislav Belogrudov vbel UTC+03:00 4:22 PM Developer
Jeffrey Zhang jeffrey4l UTC+08:00 9:22 PM Core Reviewer
Vikram Hosakote vhosakot UTC-05:00 4:22 PM Core Reviewer
Gerard Braad gbraad UTC+08:00 9:22 PM Developer
zhubingbing zhubingbing UTC+08:00 9:22 PM Core Reviewer
Kurt Taylor krtaylor UTC-05:00 8:22 AM Developer
Chason Chan(chenxing) chason UTC+08:00 9:22 PM Developer
Mark Goddard mgoddard UTC 1:22 PM Core Reviewer
James Benson JamesBenson UTC-05:00 8:22 AM Developer


Meetings Meetings/Kolla
IRC #openstack-kolla on Freenode
Milestones https://launchpad.net/kolla/+milestones
Mailing List OpenStack dev list, prefix with [kolla]
Bug tracker https://bugs.launchpad.net/kolla
Blueprints [1]

Discussions / Etherpads

Getting Started