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Endpoint management can (and should) be made simpler across all interactions with keystone: REST API, CLI, and the persistence layer.

     id (PK)
     uid (string)
     parent_location_id (FK, nullable)
     name (string)
     desc (string, nullable)
       'United Kingdom'


 id (PK)
 uid (string)
 service_id (FK)
 location_id (FK)
 type (string)
   'admin', 'internal', or 'public'
 url (string)
 is_global (bool)
   (detected *automatically* based on url)


 tenant_id (FK)
 endpoint_id (FK)

$ ./manage add_location --name="{location_name}" CREATED Location: {location_uid}

$ ./manage add_service --name="{service_name}" --type="{service_type}" CREATED Service: {service_uid}

$ ./manage add_endpoint --service="{service_uid}" --location="{location_uid}" --type="{endpoint_type}" url="{endpoint_url}" CREATED Endpoint: {endpoint_uid}

$ ./manage grant_tenant_endpoint --tenant="{tenant_uid}" --endpoint="{endpoint_uid}"

GET /tokens/{token_id}/endpoints