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Using Ironic with TripleO

In this section, we will go over how to set up Ironic within the TripleO enviroment.

Note: TripleO is under rapid development and may invalidate this walk-through.

If not familiar with TripleO and / or have not used the DiskImage-Builder (DIB) tool before, please read and familiarize yourself with the TripleO story. Here are some good starting points:

Check out tripleo-incubator master.

Switch the undercloud to build with Ironic by doing:

 export USE_IRONIC=1

Then, follow TripleO's Devtest-Doc.

After setup-baremetal is called in both the seed and undercloud stages you can use

ironic node-list

to list nodes and

ironic node-show $NODE

to view nodes.

You can now control the power state of this node with this command:

ironic node-set-power-state $NODE [on|off|reboot]