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Key New Features

Significant Bugs Fixed

Known Issues

  • The Nova "ironic" driver is not present in the Nova code base.
    • To utilize it, install ironic on your nova-compute host(s) and set compute_driver=ironic.nova.virt.ironic.IronicDriver
  • Serial console support is not implemented by any of the drivers, even though the REST API exposes it
  • A missing dependency which prevent the "seamicro" drivers from loading will cause ironic-conductor to log an exception trace on startup
    • This can safely be ignored if you are not using the seamicro driver.
    • Alternately, install the python-seamicroclient library.
  • The nova.virt.ironic driver is not passing ephemeral partition specifications to Ironic.
    • This may be manually set on the node.driver_info field via "pxe_ephemeral_gb" and "pxe_ephemeral_format".
  • IPMI passwords are visible to users with cloud admin privileges.

Upgrade Notes