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iLO drivers


iLO drivers enable to take advantage of features of iLO management engine in HP ProLiant servers. iLO drivers are targeted for HP ProLiant Gen 8 systems and above which have iLO 4 management engine.

Currently there are 3 iLO drivers:

  • iscsi_ilo
  • agent_ilo
  • pxe_ilo.

The iscsi_ilo and agent_ilo drivers provide security enhanced PXE-less deployment by using iLO virtual media to boot up the bare metal node. These drivers send management info through management channel and separates it from data channel which is used for deployment. iscsi_ilo driver deploys from Ironic conductor node and can do both net-boot and lcaol-boot. agent_ilo driver deploys from bare metal node and always does local-boot.

pxe_ilo driver uses PXE/iSCSI for deployment (just like normal PXE driver), but uses but support automatic setting of requested boot mode from nova. This driver doesn't require iLO Advanced license.


Contact Us

Please "submit questions, inputs and feedback" at "ilo_drivers@groups.ext.hpe.com". It would help us to improve the product.