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Try it on Devstack

This is a minimal set of instructions to get the Ironic services started and configured by devstack. This is enough for Ironic to integrate with keystone for auth, neutron for networking, and glance for image retrieval.

It does not cover integration with Nova and the Nova "ironic" driver. That is being added by this patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/70348/

1. Obtain the latest copy of Devstack:

 git clone git://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack.git

2. Go to the Devstack source tree and create a localrc file with at least the following options:

 # Enable Ironic API and Ironic Conductor
 enable_service ir-api
 enable_service ir-cond
 # Enable Neutron which is required by Ironic and disable nova-network.
 disable_service n-net
 enable_service q-svc
 enable_service q-agt
 enable_service q-dhcp
 enable_service q-l3
 enable_service q-meta
 enable_service neutron
 enable_service q-lbaas
 # You can replace "password" with your own one.

3. Run installation of Devstack:


4. Wait until everything gets installed.

5. Ironic API service is listening on http://YOUR_IP:6385