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Try it on Devstack

To install Ironic using Devstack follow the following steps:

1. Obtain the latest copy of Devstack:

 git clone git://github.com/openstack-dev/devstack.git

2. Go to the Devstack source tree and create a localrc file with at least the following options:

 # Enable Ironic API and Ironic Conductor
 enable_service ir-api
 enable_service ir-cond
 # Enable Neutron which is required by Ironic and disable nova-network.
 disable_service n-net
 enable_service q-svc
 enable_service q-agt
 enable_service q-dhcp
 enable_service q-l3
 enable_service q-meta
 enable_service neutron
 enable_service q-lbaas
 # You can replace "password" with your own one.

3. Run installation of Devstack:


4. Wait until everything gets installed.

5. Ironic API service is listening on http://YOUR_IP:6385