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Infrastructure Status

Revision as of 19:00, 14 May 2013 by StatusBot (talk | contribs)
  • 2013-05-14 18:32:07 UTC gating is catching up queued jobs now and should be back to normal shortly (eta 30 minutes)
  • 2013-05-14 17:55:44 UTC gating is broken for a bit while we replace jenkins slaves (eta 30 minutes)
  • 2013-05-14 17:06:56 UTC gating is broken for a bit while we replace jenkins slaves (eta 30 minutes)
  • 2013-05-04 16:31:22 UTC lists.openstack.org and eavesdrop.openstack.org are back in service
  • 2013-05-04 16:19:45 UTC test
  • 2013-05-04 15:58:36 UTC eavesdrop and lists.openstack.org are offline for server upgrades and moves. ETA 1700 UTC.
  • 2013-05-02 20:20:45 UTC Jenkins is in shutdown mode so that we may perform an upgrade; builds will be delayed but should not be lost.
  • 2013-04-26 18:04:19 UTC We just added AAAA records (IPv6 addresses) to review.openstack.org and jenkins.openstack.org.
  • 2013-04-25 18:25:41 UTC meetbot is back on and confirmed to be working properly again... apologies for the disruption
  • 2013-04-25 17:40:34 UTC meetbot is on the wrong side of a netsplit; infra is working on getting it back
  • 2013-04-08 18:09:34 UTC A review.o.o repo needed to be reseeded for security reasons. To ensure that a force push did not miss anything a nuke from orbit approach was taken instead. Gerrit was stopped, old bad repo was removed, new good repo was added, and Gerrit was started again.
  • 2013-04-08 17:50:57 UTC The infra team is restarting Gerrit for git repo maintenance. If Gerrit is not responding please try again in a few minutes.
  • 2013-04-03 01:07:50 UTC https://review.openstack.org/#/c/25939/ should fix the prettytable dependency problem when merged (https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1163631)
  • 2013-04-03 00:48:01 UTC Restarting gerrit to try to correct an error condition in the stackforge/diskimage-builder repo
  • 2013-03-29 23:01:04 UTC Testing alert status
  • 2013-03-29 22:58:24 UTC Testing statusbot
  • 2013-03-28 13:32:02 UTC Everything is okay now.